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Union Hill Fire Department to cease operations in Wayne County; Ontario Fire District #1 to handle transition

In 1942 a group of residents formed the Union Hill Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. as a volunteer fire company in the Town of Ontario. Their objective was to provide additional fire protection services in the Hamlet of Union Hill that straddles the western side of the Town of Ontario and the eastern side of the Town of Webster along the Monroe/Wayne County line.

Since that time during World War II to present day, hundreds of volunteers have served to the present day. Unfortunately changes in 2016 resulted in the loss of service due to consolidation of fire territory and funding from the Northeast Joint Fire District in Webster. That move, along with finding and keeping volunteers, has been very trying and difficult to overcome.

“These facts have placed us in a position where the Union Hill Board of Directors, Officers and members have decided and voted to cease operations as a fire company and not renew the fire protection contract with the Ontario Fire District #1 when the current three-year contract ends on 12/31/2019,” said Kevin Ramph, Chairman of the Union Hill Board of Directors.

The Union Hill Board had been meeting regularly this past year with the Ontario Board of Fire Commissioners and the Ontario Fire Company Inc. Joint training sessions have been ongoing for fire personnel to work together to fulfill the passion of the volunteers to continue to serve the community. The Union Hill Fire Department currently has 25 members, according to Ramph, with about 10 active. They have been welcomed to join the Ontario District.

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