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Rep. Reed’s town hall meeting gets heated in Southern Tier

Residents did not hold back at Tuesday’s town hall meeting, which was originally supposed to focus on Social Security.

Instead, residents had some other concerns they wanted to address, including President Donald Trump’s recent tweets that democrats are calling attacks on lawmakers of color. One resident in the crowd asked Congressman Reed if he thinks the President is racist and she says she is very unhappy with the Congressman’s response.

“The only thing we know that he has said, is that I know Trump personally, and he said in my heart I know he’s not a racist. But that’s not sufficient in this case, he needs to come out and say he doesn’t approve of white nationalism, he doesn’t approve of the language, he doesn’t approve of the anti-immigrant policies, he doesn’t approve of X,Y,Z that are now all part of our lives,” says Joan Jacobs Brumberg, a resident of Ithaca.

“I do not believe President Trump is a racist. I look at the actions, as well as the personal relationship that I have with the President, and I don’t see that there,” says Congressman Tom Reed.

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