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NY Comptroller Audit: School districts lacking planning for emergency situations

An audit regarding emergency preparedness in schools is raising some concern, and it highlights one large local district.

Schenectady City School District appeared on a list of 19 schools in the study released this morning by the state comptroller’s office, but the district says this is something that’s helpful to them and something they’ve already been working on.

“We ask our schools to do a lot these days,” Director of Communications for the NYS Comptroller’s Office Jennifer Freeman said.

It’s not just teaching lessons that educators are tasked with – they’re alternative caregivers to students, responsible for keeping kids safe if anything is to happen on school grounds.

“We’ve seen the worst of the worst in the country’s shootings but it could be just a bit it could be just a very basic thing that could happen within your school district that you might need to respond to,” Freeman said.

Freeman broke down for us the audit released Thursday, and how the state measures emergency planning in nearly 20 schools.

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