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Former 98PXY personality using her voice to stand up for fair pay

A local morning radio host is taking a stand of her own when it comes to equity in the workplace.

Whitney Young quit her job as the morning co-host at 98PXY two weeks ago, citing unfair pay.

Young, who graduated from Fairport High School, says she became aware of the pay disparity after a conversation with her co-host.

“He didn’t tell me exactly what he made, but I knew he made more than X number, which was nearly double what I was making,” she said.

Young admits her co-host has nine more years of experience in radio than her. She says she didn’t expect to make the same as him, but adds, because they had the same job description and made equal contributions, the pay discrepancy was unfair.

“If you listened to the show, you would know that we both held the show up equally, together” she said. “Also, to people who say that’s the way it is, I say, ‘Why?’ That may be the way it’s been, but that’s not the way it should be going forward.”

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