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Powerful storms roll through CNY on Saturday

Quick and powerful storms rolled through several parts of Onondaga County Saturday evening. The gusty winds from the storm knocked out power for 800 customers in Marcellus, Camillus, and Skaneateles.

Power has been restored for some neighbors in Skaneateles, but hundreds of customers in the cities of Camillus and Marcellus are still left in the dark.

Power crews say power should be restored by around 2 in the morning.

When our crews arrived in Skaneateles the buildings were all dark and no street lights were on.

After a couple hours, at around 8:45, the power came back on all at once, in downtown Skaneateles, and has stayed on since.

Neighbors in the area told us the storm came out of nowhere, with heavy rain and very strong winds.

Not only was the town without power but damage could be seen up and down streets showing numerous trees down.

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