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Sister of firefighter speaks out in Ithaca

Daryl Pace loved life and her family. She was 36-years-old.

Her sister Jessica Bergeron says she was always active and in shape.

"She enjoyed the outdoors immensely, she liked to hike, she liked to go to the Adirondacks every year," she explained.

After her hockey career at SUNY Cortland, she played with the Ithaca Sirens-one teammate calling her a 'force of nature.'

She also had a passion for serving her community-which she did for a decade with the Ithaca Fire Department.

But a couple of years ago, something wasn't right.

"Daryl started seeing some spots in her vision, so she went to the eye doctor, the local eye doctor, who sent her to the Syracuse eye doctor who sent her to a Philadelphia specialist."

It was ocular melanoma, cancer in the eye, a rare type, which eventually spread to her liver and bones.

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