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PRIMARY RESULTS: Voters cast ballots throughout the Finger Lakes

A busy primary day, which saw a lot of change in the Finger Lakes. That could be how this day is remembered for those who have served, and those who have followed elected boards in the region. By the end of the night – two longtime supervisors in Seneca County had been defeated by challengers in their primary contests; and a hotly-contested primary for District Attorney in Seneca County came down to the wire.

Follow below for the latest results from around the Finger Lakes.

Cayuga County

Legislature (District #10) (Democrat)

Heidi Nightengale: 78
William Pelc: 40

Auburn City Mayor (Republican)

Brett Tracy: 32
Timothy Lattimore: 178

Aurelius Town Council (Republican)

Michael Ogburn: 23
Thomas Walczyk: 37
Paul Ruzicka: 37
Kevin Grish: 18

Ledyard Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Scott Binns: 22
Steve Arnold: 58

Springport Highway Superintendent (Republican)

William Walter: 96
Richard Waldron: 100

Sterling Town Justice (Republican)

Michele McIntyre: 88
Robert Carlson: 91

Summerhill Town Council (Republican)

Daniel Ripley: 44
Christopher Ryan: 32
Linda Martin: 44

Summerhill Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Gary Norton: 59
David Dunham: 7

Venice Town Council (Republican)

Terri Denman: 15
Edward Denton: 32
Stephen Talcott: 21

Ontario County

Canandaigua City Mayor (Democrat)

Ellen Polimeni: 201
Julio Chavez-Olivera: 47

Geneva City Court Judge (Democrat)

Elisabeth Lisa Toole: 289
William J. Hart: 442

Geneva City Court Judge (Republican)

Elisabeth Lisa Toole: 135
William J. Hart: 142

Gorham Town Council (Republican)

Brian Case: 102
Michael Bentley: 42
Jake Chard: 104

Phelps Town Council (Republican)

Kent Ridley: 130
John Duchesneau: 150
Anthony Gravitte: 115
Ronald Allen: 118

Richmond Town Council (Republican)

David Baker: 221
Stephen Barnhoorn: 291
Elzabeth Yockel: 144

Richmond Town Supervisor (Republican)

Daryl Marshall: 232
Caroline Sauers: 147

Seneca Town Council (Republican)

Jason Mosher: 54
Charles Smith: 39
Jesse Orbaker: 65

Seneca County

Seneca County District Attorney (Republican)

Christopher Folk: 721
John Nabinger: 772

Romulus Town Supervisor (Republican)

David Kaiser: 52
David Hayes: 69

Lodi Town Supervisor (Republican)

Lee Davidson: 39
Mark Benjamin: 47

Ovid Town Supervisor (Republican)

Mark Beardsley: 63
Joseph Borst: 105

Ovid Town Council (Republican)

Erik Holmberg: 134
Mark Couch: 94
Mike Savoie: 47

Ovid Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Jay Dey: 86
Jeremy Huff: 78

Waterloo Supervisor (At-Large) (Democrat)

Jamie King: 65
Jim Cleere: 61
Jerry Withers: 27

Seneca Falls Town Clerk (Republican)

Nicoletta Greer: 251
Theresa Bradley: 134

Tyre Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Robert Eddington: 51
Jeffrey Bennett: 23

Varick Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Aaron Schrader: 43
Ben Freier: 46

Wayne County

Lyons Town Council (Republican)

James Brady: 60
Joanne Greco: 44
James Wedman: 36

Savannah Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Mark Fedele: 48
Jeffrey Liddle: 45

Sodus Town Supervisor (Republican)

Scott Johnson: 275
James Hoyt: 197

Sodus Town Clerk (Republican)

Paula Dolan: 129
Lori Diver: 363

Yates County

Barrington Town Council (Republican)

Calvin Crosby: 47
Thomas Petro III: 68
Steven Brigham: 45

Benton Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Brian Champlin: 56
Jayson Hoover: 95
Douglas Marchionda Jr.: 47

Jerusalem Town Supervisor (Republican)

Patrick Killen: 52
Jamie Sisson: 171

Jerusalem Town Council (Republican)

Daryl Jones: 128
Stephen Castner: 174
Paul Anderson: 102

This page will be updated throughout the night with the latest results.