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Ridiculously cute shoulder length haircuts for women this year

Shoulder length haircuts for ladies are some of the most adaptable hairstyles since “shoulder length” can imply many things when it comes to hairstyling. Apart from that, shoulder length is most common length of locks for women. However, the hairstyles that ladies with shoulder length hair can wear are nothing but medium.

However, to enjoy most of these hairstyles, you need to be willing to experiment with different shoulder length haircuts looks and choose the ones that rock your looks better. Probably, this is the right time to take some inspo and revitalise those shoulder length manes into something flattering and chic. Our selection here has everything you need including some new ideas to try.

  1. Wavy Medium-Length hairstyle

Most people fear to wear their hair as down-dos as they fear that their hair will appear flat and dull, the feathered middle length style, however, gives you a beautiful shoulder length cut. The hair can be designed straight or in waves depending on the personality and occasion. Cut your feathered layers today and add some texture and glam to your style.

  1. Long Disconnected Bob with Highlights

Bobs used to be prim and proper, but nowadays they are choppy layered and dyed. One of the favourite styles for most people is the faded-out highlights that are compared to the new ombre look. To achieve this style, you should cut the layers into long bobs with highlighted hues that bring out your personality.

  1. Centre-Parted Dishevelled Blonde Bob

Medium shoulder length hairstyles allow you to part your hair down the middle easily without looking flat and dull. You can style your locks in messy, uneven waves for an effortlessly undone vibe. Moreover, you can top off the hairdo with a fresh blonde colour to make your style brighter.

  1. One-Length Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

The one-length shoulder cut is ideal for carefree women that love a sophisticated appearance, feathered layers swirl around the head, creating texture and free movement of hair. The hairstyle hits just below the shoulders and can be parted on the side or down the middle for a better look. You can add hues that bring out your personality and add drama to the beautiful look.

  1. Medium Blonde Hairstyle With V-Cut Layers

The hairstyle is quite smooth with angled v-cut layers that look great when styled straight. The style is low maintenance as you need to comb it back with little effort leaving a great impression. You can add colour and liven your hairdo with sandy blonde when the colour gets dull. Lighter shades on the top layers of your hair will make it look more sophisticated and glamorous.

  1. Wavy Angled Blonde Comb Over Lob

The hairstyle is sassy and sexy shoulder length cover lob, which is the best choice for women of all ages. It brings out your beautiful facial features such as the jawline. The wavy hair can be tucked under one ear or swept up and pinned in a unique style.

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