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Hard-hit Sodus Point reacts to Cuomo’s flooding plan

As people along Lake Ontario brace for more flooding, they’re also buoyed by the news that the state is pledging a boatload of funds to help prevent future damage.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $300 million plan relies on input from local leaders along all 326 miles of Lake Ontario.

Sodus Point is already working on it.

Mayor Dave McDowell said there are several public areas where infrastructure needs to be raised and protected so it can be spared from future flooding. He admitted he will be looking for guidance throughout the process of determining what his village needs.

“Essentially over the next 12 weeks, each county has to come up with a list of prioritized projects,” he said. “There are risk assessment tools that the state department wants us to use.”

At Arney’s Marina, a combination of water pumps and nearly 1,000 sandbags help keep the water at bay. Owner John Love walks the perimeter every day.

“Instead of trying to run your business and grow it to make it better than what it was, you’re in survival mode,” he said.

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