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Cuomo says it’s time to accept ‘new normal’ on lake levels

With Lake Ontario water levels on the cusp of a record high, shoreline communities such as Sodus Point are doing all they can to stave off flood damage.

Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it may be time that governments and shoreline communities accept that high water levels may be a way of life for Lake Ontario.

This week he announced the formation of the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative, or REDI, commission, which is charged with developing a plan to create a shoreline infrastructure better able to deal with high water levels.

“Intelligence and common sense dictate that this is the new normal, and we should expect continued high water levels for Lake Ontario,” said Cuomo. “We should not be surprised in two years if we are in the same position, and once you accept that premise, it’s a fool’s errand to rebuild to the same standard. So let’s redesign and re-envision a different type of shoreline with different protections and build for these inevitable factors in the future.”

Finger Lakes Times:
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