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Home » News » Politics » DOT selects Community Grid as ‘preferred’ choice for I-81 replacement

DOT selects Community Grid as ‘preferred’ choice for I-81 replacement

In a draft of an environmental impact study, the New York State Department of Transportation has selected the “Community Grid” as the preferred choice to replace the aging portion of Interstate-81 through Syracuse.

The document, posted on NYSDOT’s website, lays out all the options to replace 81 and says a community grid would likely best meet all the goals of the project.

“Based on a balanced consideration of the need for safe and efficient transportation; the social, economic, and environmental effects of the project alternatives; and national, state, and local environmental protection goals, the Community Grid Alternative would be selected as the preferred alternative. FHWA and NYSDOT will consider all comments received on this DDR/DEIS.”

State lawmakers have been briefed on the report and Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon and others will be briefed Tuesday morning. His spokesperson, Mark Nicotra, says McMahon is currently reviewing the report.

"As the County Executive has said repeatedly, this is a decision that will have impacts across the County and region and it is critical that appropriate mitigation measures are also taken to minimize any potential negative impacts. We cannot allow a single decision to halt the momentum our community is experiencing.”
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