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New York Yankees meet the Red Sox for two games

It’s been a tough start for the Yanks this season, especially at home.

The New York Yankees are 6-9 so far, thanks to a tough start in The Bronx at just 3-6 in Yankee Stadium. Even the Orioles who were predicted to be one of the worst teams in the league and are 1-6 at Camden Yards have managed to put together a 6-4 away record to jump past the Yanks in the AL East standings.

Now the Yankees get to face the Red Sox for the first time this year. Odds are out on the matchup, so if you plan on betting the two-game series, you better check this Review.

Sox vs. Yanks in New York

If you think that the New York Yankees have underperformed thus far, then the Red Sox are downright awful.

The Red Sox are 6-11 which is a start that is so bad, the defending champs might not even make the playoffs. If history serves, a defending champ that has had this bad of a start has never made the post-season.

A good sign for the Yankees is that the bulk of the Boston Red Sox’ woes are coming from road games. The BoSox are just 3-8 while playing away from Fenway Park. A newly extended Chris Sale has been no help. He is 0-3 with a 9.00 ERA and 1.54 WHIP. The career 2.94 ERA Sale seems to have fallen victim to the major contract curse, as he’s started off this campaign horribly.

The lanky lefty will open the two-game series in New York on Tuesday night, and while this would normally be bad news, if you look at the last 7 days, his stats are even worse (11.25 ERA and 1.75 WHIP). He’s got 9 innings pitched on the road and holds an 8.00 ERA over those innings but what we see that is really striking is Sale’s day game stats. When Chris Sale pitches during the day this season, he has a 15.43 ERA. His last appearance was just 4 innings, and that is where he racked up the 11.25 ERA over the last 7 days.

James Paxton’s season ERA is better than Sale’s at 6.00, but his last seven is just as bad. Actually, it’s worse. He pitched 4 innings and racked up an 11.25 ERA and horrendous 2.75 WHIP. So it is no wonder that the sportsbooks are expecting there to be runs scored on Tuesday evening. The TOTAL has been set at 8.5 runs.

On Wednesday, well see Nathan Eovaldi vs. J.A. Happ in another battle of struggling pitchers.

Nathon Eovaldi hasn’t been awarded a loss yet, but he’s got an 8.40 ERA and 1.87 WHIP. His last 7 days show 5 innings pitched with 6 hits, 5 runs, and 4 walks for an ERA of 9.00 and a weighty WHIP of 2.00.

Happ has similar stats with an 8.76 ERA and 1.95 WHIP, but the difference is he’s been awarded a pair of losses. In his last 7, he has chucked the ball for 4 innings and got lit up for 9 hits, 6 runs, and 2 walks, for a 2.75 WHIP and 13.50 ERA.

With the Yanks playing so poorly at home and the Red Sox playing so terrible on the road, this series is a toss-up. As much as we would like the Yankees to take both games, they are likely to split wins with the Sox in their first series of the season. But home-field advantage over an archrival could be just the thing to light a fire under this squad.