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Auburn crows create mess on sidewalks, city to start cleaning next week

Neighbors in Auburn say they are living a recurring nightmare when they look at sidewalks, trees and monuments for veterans.

Once again, the crow problem is causing an annoying mess.

“The defecation is to the point of it sounding like rain,” said Mark Berardi of Auburn.”It is terrible. It is a health hazard.”

The mess is really noticeable in front of the Cayuga County Office Building. The City of Auburn is no stranger to this issue. The city has been working to try to clear out crow here for more than 20 years.The crows create quite a mess that the Department of Public Works ends up dealing with.

After calls and emails from viewers, NewsChannel 9 found out sidewalks will start being cleaned up next week.

“We haven’t started because it is still well below freezing at night and what we don’t want to do is get out and clean an then it freezes.” said Mike Talbot of the City of Auburn Department of Public Works. “It’s tough to control it’s a challenge for us. It’s a challenge for any community. I mean I don’t blame the crows, Auburn is a great place to live. That’s why they want to come here but they do make a mess.”

Employees at the County Office building told us off camera, they wouldn’t mind getting rid of the trees in front of the building in hopes that the crows would go find another spot to make their mess.

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