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Auburn church to throw new Mardi Gras celebration

Pursuing "the true meaning of Lent," St. Mary's Church in Auburn will host a new Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala at 6:45 p.m. Saturday, March 2, at the Springside Inn, 6141 W. Lake Road, Fleming.

The event will take the form of an over-the-top carnival with indulgent foods and extravagant drinks. There will also be DJ Goodtime Charlie's Mobile Entertainment, a picture booth, raffles, a silent auction, masks, beads and more.

"We want to bring back the true meaning of Lent, which begins on March 6. That starts with getting everything out of our system so we can focus on 40 days of spiritual renewal through prayer, penance and almsgiving," said the Rev. Frank Lioi, of St. Mary's, in a news release.

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