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Newtex Industries has unique operation in Ontario County

When things start really heating up and you need protection from extreme conditions, it's good to know there's a company like Newtex Industries.

For more than 40 years, the Victor-based business has been developing products to withstand the most intense heat.

Jerry Joliet is the CEO of Newtex.

"At our core, we're a textile company," said Joliet. "We are a maker of high-temperature fabric for insulation, fire protection, and heat shielding."

Recently, Joliet gave News10NBC a tour of the factory and showed us first-hand how their products withstand something as blistering hot as a red-hot metal pipe.

Newtex was started by Joliet's father-in-law, Bal Dixit, in 1978 after he saw a need for a product to replace asbestos. Dixit found that textured glass yarn could mimic the properties of asbestos.

Glass yarn is loaded onto racks — then entangled to make them thicker. They are then pulled together into rolls which are run through one of their 13 weaving machines.

The fabric is then coated with a proprietary application for added temperature resistance. The rolls are then sold to clients like military contractors for shipbuilding or to fabricators.

But Newtex also makes fire containment covers for air cargo and large fire-resistant curtains.

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