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Supervisor write letter to lawmakers asking for passage of Finger Lakes Community Act to kill proposed incinerator

Romulus Town Supervisor David Kaiser, a Republican, sent a letter to state lawmakers – requesting that the Finger Lakes Community Act of 2019 be passed and adopted.

The proposed legislation comes as the Town of Romulus would host a $365 million waste incinerator, which was proposed more than a year ago by Circular enerG, LLC.

Supervisor Kaiser thanked state legislators for their efforts. “Romulus is beautifully situated at the heart of the Finger Lakes between Seneca and Cayuga lakes,” Kaiser began. “We are predominately agricultural and tourism-centered, and the specter of installing the state’s largest trash burning project in our town has already hurt us from an economic stance, as real estate sales and investments stall.”

He says the incinerator is not wanted in Romulus, and the impacts of such a facility would be devastating to the health of local residents and to the thriving agri-tourism based economy. “To exacerbate things even further, the company proposing this ill-conceived project is suing the Town in not one, but two Article 78 proceedings,” Kaiser continues in the letter to state lawmakers. “We are a small, rural town that is essentially being bullied by a multi-billion dollar corporation that wants its way despite our vehemently vocal opposition to their plan.”

Supervisor Kaiser says the bill failed in 2018 when proposed because it was coupled with another, unrelated item. “It is truly unfinished business that is lingering into 2019, and should be passed as quickly as possible.
Swift passage of the bill not only means protecting the Finger Lakes region from the construction of new garbage incinerators, but it also means that the Town of Romulus would no longer be burdened by two unnecessary and costly Article 78 proceedings.”

He says failure to pass the bill and get it signed into law means that the community will be faced with a costly Article 10 proceeding that would take decision-making out of local control and even further burden a small town like Romulus.

Seneca Lake Guardian applauded Kaiser’s letter, and noted opposition to the proposal has been universal.

“We applaud David Kaiser for continuing to advocate for our community and are grateful to Senators May and Helming and Assemblymember Cusick for championing legislation protecting the Finger Lakes from a polluting incinerator opposed by dozens of local governments, businesses and elected officials,” said Joseph Campbell, President of Seneca Lake Guardian. “It is imperative for legislators to act immediately to get this bill passed and for Governor Cuomo to sign it into law. Not only is the region’s quality of life and booming wine and tourism industry at stake, but the Town of Romulus is being bullied by a multi-billion-dollar corporation in two Article 78 proceedings. The Town of Romulus and the Finger Lakes community can no longer be terrorized by corporations looking to exploit the region’s natural resources, it’s time for Albany to act now.”