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MRB Group adds new member to IT team

At MRB Group, growing demands for engineering and architectural services in the Central New York area have resulted in a rapidly expanding professional team. Meeting clients’ needs requires supporting those team members with the latest technology. That’s why the IT Department at MRB Group may be one of the busiest departments in the firm.

Alex Young, a graduating Networking and Systems Administration student at Rochester Institute of Technology, recently joined MRB Group to help IT Department Director Kevin Watt keep pace with the growth. Young’s duties will span five regional offices and 75 MRB Group team members, providing network support, custom programming, and assisting with the specific requirements of projects, which sometimes requires adopting brand new, emerging technologies.

According to Ryan Colvin, President of MRB Group, Young’s capstone projects demonstrated his ability to perform well in a highly demanding local government support environment. He worked with teammates to advance programming-based solutions that were focused on client needs – a match for MRB Group’s client-centric approach to municipal services.

“We’re really pleased that Alex has chosen MRB Group to begin his IT career. He has already shown us that he will excel in supporting internal capacity,” said Colvin.
“He will also be helping to create custom GIS applications for our municipal clients whose staff need to be able to access information about infrastructure and its maintenance history using their cell phones in the field,” Colvin continued.

“This is the future of local government operations, and will help communities to better serve their residents. Alex will assist our GIS team in leading that initiative,” Colvin stated.
Young’s other duties will include helping to maintain the firm’s multiple websites, which include several that were custom-built to support communities served by the MRB Group Municipal Services Team.

“Community members like to be able to access a reliable source of information about current projects,” said Matt Horn, Director of Municipal Services.
“Alex will help us design custom websites that meet critical public information needs for municipalities,” he said.

“We recently created a web-based location for a community’s library of planning and zoning documents, so residents could easily find and access forms and information,” Horn continued, explaining that MRB Group’s goal is to provide a broad range of support services that increase local capacity to serve community members and support economic development.

“Small communities can’t always afford to provide these services on their own, and Alex will serve a critical role in allowing us to provide them the capability to use new technology – at a very affordable cost,” said Horn.
“Even though Alex is just starting his career, his background already shows an ability to make technology work for the end-user,” said Colvin. “That’s exactly what we do at MRB Group: solve problems for community residents by supporting their local government,” Colvin said.

“We’re impressed with Alex’s accomplishments and glad he is a part of our team,” said Colvin.

MRB Group has served the Central New York region for more than 90 years, providing engineering, architecture, and municipal services to support local governments, some for many decades. The firm currently works with more than 140 communities assisting with day-to-day operations like water and wastewater treatment, public works services, architecture for maintenance and rehabilitation of public facilities, and support for operations including strategic planning and planning board services.