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‘Career con artist’ sentenced for stealing vehicle in Locke

A New York City man previously described as a “career con artist” by the district attorney’s office was sentenced Tuesday for stealing a truck in Cayuga County by writing fraudulent checks.

In November, Heath Edmead was convicted by a jury of third-degree grand larceny and fourth-degree grand larceny for pulling off the scam in the town of Locke on June 20, 2014. Edmead had purchased a tractor trailer truck for $11,500 with two checks he knew were worthless. When the checks bounced, the victim reported the fraud to police.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Chris Valdina said in Cayuga County Court Tuesday that Edmead, 45, was probably one of the worst offenders he’s ever seen in terms of financial fraud crimes.

Edmead, of 3037 Mickle Ave., Bronx, had a habit of purchasing vehicles with bad checks and would be long gone by the time the seller was made aware, Valdina said. Cayuga County may be the only county to hold him criminally accountable for his fraud cases all throughout the U.S., including Ohio, the Bronx and Florida, Valdina added.

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