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First female judge appointed by council in Auburn

The Auburn City Council on Thursday appointed the city’s first female judge — naming Auburn attorney Kristin Garland as the city’s new part-time associate judge.

In Auburn’s 226 years as a municipality, Garland is now the city’s first female judge. She was approved by a 4-1 vote, with Councilor Debra McCormick casting the only “no.” Despite her vote, McCormick said she thought it was a great thing that the city selected a woman.

In a four-hour executive session last week and another hour-long session Thursday, the council interviewed a total of five candidates — each were asked the same 14 questions in 45-minute interviews. Besides Garland, the candidates were not named.

Councilor James Giannettino said Garland’s appointment is supported by her wide range of law experience including family law, private law and municipal law.

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