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Divided Geneva City Council Considers Resolutions to Censure Laura Salamendra  And To Remove City Attorney from Police Matters – Ken Camera Does Not Want To Return To In-Person Meetings Without Police Presence

Divided city council considers resolutions to censure Salamendra, remove Bove from police matters; Camera pushes back on in-person meetings

On Wednesday Geneva City Council’s divisions continued to be evident as they considered resolutions to Censure Councilor Laura Salamendra (Ward 5) and remove City Attorney Emil Bove, Jr. from participating in police reform and police policy issues. Council’s divisions were also highlighted ... MORE
Ontario County Board of Supervisors Holds Public Hearing on Third Party Food Delivery Service Fees and Moves Forward with Occupancy Tax Increases

Board of Supervisors holds hearing on delivery service fees, moves forward with occupancy tax increases

On Thursday, April 1 the Ontario County Board of Supervisors met for its regular monthly meeting. During the session, the Board held a public hearing regarding a proposed public law to limit the fees that can be charged by third-party delivery services ... MORE
City of Geneva Rejects Calls For Police Review Board Public Law Referendum – Geneva United Backs Off Threat of Litigation

Geneva rejects referendum vote request on PRB, Geneva United says they won’t pursue legal action

For nearly a year the City of Geneva struggled with enacting a Local Law to create a Police Review Board (PRB). The Geneva City Council approved  Local Law 1-2021 creating the PRB on February 3, 2021. But the controversy surrounding the PRB ... MORE
Ontario County Board of Supervisors Approves 39 Resolutions Without Discussion or Debate

Ontario supervisors approve 39 resolutions without discussion or debate at monthly meeting

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors met for a regular meeting on April 1, 2021. During the meeting, the Board continued its long-standing process of blocking resolutions into groups for consideration. The Board considered and unanimously approved 39 resolutions without discussion or ... MORE
In Contentious Meeting Geneva City Council  Approves Police Reform and Reinvention Plan  Councilor Ken Camera Calls for Dismissal of City Attorney

During contentious meeting Geneva City Council approves police reform plan, Councilor Camera calls for dismissal of city attorney

Geneva City Council held a special meeting Wednesday, March 24 during which they approved the City of Geneva Police Reform and Reinvention Plan. The Council also set a schedule for interviewing candidates for the Geneva Police Review Board (PRB). Wednesday’s meeting was ... MORE
Geneva City Council Approves Special Counsel for Police Review Board Referendum

Geneva City Council approves special counsel for PRB referendum

The Geneva Police Review Board fight entered a new phase Wednesday, March 10 when City Council approved a Resolution to appoint a Special Counsel to assist the City regarding a petition for a Referendum on the Police Review Board (PRB). On March ... MORE
Canandaigua Approves Use Of Pesticides At Lagoon Park And  Approves Joint Town-City Summer Recreation Program

Canandaigua approves use of pesticides at Lagoon Park, approves city-town rec program this summer

On Thursday Canandaigua City Council debated proposals to allow the use of pesticides and herbicides at Lagoon Park and to run a joint summer recreation program with the Town of Canandaigua. Council also considered resolutions to survey cemeteries, approve the City’s Police ... MORE
Geneva City Council Hears Ethics Complaint Against Councilor Laura Salamendra – Ethics Board Complains That Geneva City Council Has Not Taken Action On Ethics Complaints

Geneva City Council hears ethics complaint against Salamendra, fact that it has stalled on action

At the Wednesday, March 3 meeting of Geneva City Council members heard an Ethics Board Complaint filed against Councilor Laura Salamendra (Ward 5) related to her actions at a Sunday, July 19, 2020, Back The Blue rally in Geneva. At the end ... MORE
Geneva City Council Amends No Left Turn Ordinance, and Protect Loomis Woods as Parkland

Geneva amends left turn ordinance, moves to protect Loomis Woods as parkland

During the business portion of the Wednesday, March 3 Geneva City Council Meeting, Council held public hearings regarding the proposed sale of City-owned real estate and regarding the City’s intended application for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. Council also considered amending ... MORE
Geneva United Trying To Force Police Review Board Referendum With Petition

Geneva United trying to force PRB referendum vote

Geneva United is planning to present a Petition to Geneva City Clerk Lori Guinan  Thursday, March 4, 2021, at about 11:30 a.m. The Petition calls on the City of Geneva to put the recently passed Police Review Board (PRB) Public Law out ... MORE
During annual retreat Geneva City Council sets priorities for 2021 without any plan for achieving them

During annual retreat Geneva City Council sets priorities for 2021 without any plan for achieving them

Police Reform Board Not Among Council’s Top Priorities Geneva City Council set its top three 2021 priorities during its annual retreat Saturday, February 13, 2021. Although the Geneva Police Reform Board (PRB) dominated Council activities during 2020 and caused conflict amongst Councilors, ... MORE
Council Focuses on Negatives During State of the City Address – Camera Calls Hancock Estabrook Police Reform Legal Work Unprofessional and Biased

Geneva City Council focuses on negatives at annual session: Camera calls Hancock Estabrook police reform legal work unprofessional, biased

Geneva City Manager Sage Gerling and Assistant City Manager Adam Blowers presented the City’s annual State of the City address Wednesday, February 10. Gerling and Blowers presented an upbeat message that focused on the City’s successes during a challenging 2020. Afterward, Council ... MORE
Canandaigua City Council Rescinds Resolution To Study Land of Legends Raceway Noise

Canandaigua City Council rescinds resolution to study racetrack noise

In their second 2021 meeting on February 4, 2021, Canandaigua City Council rescinded a resolution to create a noise study related to Land of Legends Raceway and approved five new resolutions. At the January 7, 2021, Council meeting Council narrowly approved Resolution ... MORE
Geneva Implements New Winter Parking Violation Fine and Council’s Hears New Ethics Complaint Against Councilor Laura Salamendra

Geneva implements new winter parking violation fine, Council hears ethics complaints against Salamendra

On Wednesday Geneva City Council took action to increase winter parking violation fines, heard another ethics violation complaint against Councilor Laura Salamendra (Ward 5), and established a registry for vacant and abandoned properties. In other routine actions, Council, scheduled several public hearings, ... MORE
Geneva City Council Approves Controversial Police Review Board on 6-3 Vote

Geneva City Council approves Police Review Board by 6-3 vote

On Wednesday Geneva City Council ended a nearly year-long saga by approving Public Law 1-2021, which establishes a Police Review Board. Prior to Wednesday’s vote, most of the Council took time to speak on the proposed Public Law and the process that ... MORE
Geneva Takes Two Economic Development Hits

City of Geneva takes two economic development hits: Legion sale falls through, CCMI Inc. will head to town

At the Monday, February 1, 2021, Geneva City Council Work Session, the City revealed that it recently lost two economic development opportunities with CCMI, Inc. and the Geneva American Legion. Mayor Steve Valentino announced that the developer who was looking to purchase ... MORE
Councilor Ken Camera Discloses Confidential Personnel Information During Open meeting – Residents Turn Out In Force To Comment ON Police Review Board Proposal

Geneva City Councilor discloses confidential information, public turns out in force on PRB issue

During Thursday’s Geneva City Council meeting Councilor Ken Camera (Ward 4) appeared to disclose potentially confidential personnel information during a live public meeting that was airing on YouTube. Towards the end of the meeting, the issue of Council being blamed for voting ... MORE
Procedural Error Forced City of Geneva To Reschedule Police Review Board Public Hearing

Procedural error forces Geneva City Council to reschedule PRB public hearing

The City of Geneva has been struggling with consideration of a Police Review Board (PRB) public law for months. Geneva City Council previously held a nearly three-hour public hearing on the initial Police Accountability Board (PAB) proposal on September 22nd. Since then, ... MORE