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Tax refunds are still slow for 2021, here’s how to make sure you get your 2022 tax returns quickly next year

The IRS is now forced to pay interest on thousands of refunds that Americans still have not received for their 2020 tax returns. Now the IRS is offering a few tips on how to file your 2022 taxes quickly and hopefully receive ... MORE
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I forgot to file my taxes on time, what happens now?

The extension for taxpayers was May 17. They had until then to file an extension if they needed more time to complete their taxes. If you forgot to file or simply did not ask for an extension, do not ignore it because ... MORE
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Heartbreaking stories emerge as millions await tax refunds or stimulus payments from IRS

It will be months before the IRS has processed 2020 tax returns and issued necessary refunds. The agency has faced a crippling backlog, which stood at more than 30 million unprocessed tax returns in August. That number has declined to around 8.5 ... MORE
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