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Sim Covington on getting elected in Canandaigua, how to contend with implicit bias to create positive change

Implicit bias: How do we get past discomfort, make way for positive changes in our community?
Implicit bias may seem like a loaded concept. It shows up often in conversations regarding equity and inclusion in schools, the workplace, and other community arenas. The weight of the words make people nervous. But ... more

INSIDE THE FLX: Sim Covington of Canandaigua City Council on lifelong learning, implicit bias, and path to a more diverse America (podcast)

INSIDE THE FLX: Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason (podcast)
In this episode, I talk with Sim Covington, who's been the Chief Diversity Officer at Finger Lakes Community College since 2018 and was sworn in last month as the first black man to serve on ... more