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Corning Police say selling goods with the gift of marijuana is illegal; businesses will face charges

Businesses have been using a loophole to sell merchandise and “gift” marijuana to customers now that the possession of marijuana is legal in New York. A business was opening in Corning with the same plans, until the Police Chief of Corning contacted ... MORE
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Where is recreational marijuana legal? Cannabis sales start soon, but is it happening already?

Where is recreational marijuana legal? What states have legalized cannabis? Where is marijuana already being sold? Across the U.S. proposals are popping up to legalize recreational marijuana. In 19 states recreational marijuana is legal now. All of those questions loom, though, as ... MORE
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Looking to purchase marijuana in New York? You may be able to get it as a gift by purchasing goods from some retailers

Marijuana sales aren’t yet legal in New York just yet, but businesses have found creative ways to get around that. Right now it’s legal for residents in New York State to carry 3 ounces of marijuana if they’re 21 or older. While ... MORE