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Food stamps: Using SNAP benefits on Amazon

Food stamp beneficiaries might be interested in knowing they can use their benefits to purchase goods on Amazon. Over 42 million Americans benefit from food stamps. Typically, those with the benefits will have them loaded onto their EBT card electronically and then ... MORE
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Black Friday Amazon scam: Woman loses $20,000 to email scammer posing as retailer

A woman is using her experience to warn others as Black Friday approaches. She was scammed out of $20,000. The woman first received an email from what appeared to be Amazon informing her of a purchase she said she didn’t make. She ... MORE
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Amazon may no longer accept Visa cards in the United States

Amazon is considering no longer using Visa as a partner for its credit card. The corporation said they were no longer using it in the United Kingdom following an increase in disputes over payments. Amazon has been working with Mastercard, Visa, and ... MORE
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What things are you missing out on as an Amazon Prime member?

Amazon prime has a lot of perks, most notably their two day shipping and Prime Video. But what else are people forgetting about? Here are a bunch of great perks to the Amazon Prime membership  many people forget about. Whole Foods offers ... MORE
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Amazon is offering enticing benefits while trying to fill 125,000 vacant positions

New hires that choose to work for Amazon can make an average of $18 per hour as a delivery or warehouse worker. The company is looking to fill 125,000 positions. The competition to recruit new workers has become fierce, with UPS offering ... MORE
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