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Banking with BLIK is very simple

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Modern technology continues to change our world, making everyday tasks simpler and more convenient. One such innovative solution in the field of financial technology is the BLIK system. In this article, we will explore what BLIK is, how to use it, and why it is becoming increasingly popular among users. We will also delve into the main features of BLIK, its security measures, and provide recommendations for those new to the system. Additionally, we will touch on how BLIK is being used in various sectors, including the rising trend of online casinos, specifically how you can use BLIK to make transactions in an online casino with a starting bonus of kasyno online BLIK 20 zł.

What is BLIK?

Definition and Key Features

BLIK is an innovative mobile payment system developed by Polish banks, enabling quick and secure transactions without the need for cash or bank cards. The BLIK system is integrated into mobile banking applications, providing users with a unique way to manage their finances.

The main features of BLIK include:

  • In-store payments: the ability to pay for purchases using a mobile phone.
  • Peer-to-peer transfers: instant money transfers to other BLIK users.
  • Online payments: secure payments on internet sites.
  • Cash withdrawals: the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs without a card.
  • Bill payments: simple and quick payment of utility bills and other invoices.

Advantages of Using BLIK

Using BLIK offers several significant advantages:

  1. Convenience: all operations can be performed via a mobile phone, eliminating the need to carry cash or bank cards.
  2. Security: every transaction must be confirmed in the mobile app, minimizing the risk of fraud.
  3. Speed: instant transfers and payments, saving time.
  4. Wide availability: supported by most major banks and used in many stores and services.
  5. Global coverage: the ability to use BLIK for international transactions and when traveling abroad.

How to Start Using BLIK?

Registration and Connection Process

To start using BLIK, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download the bank app: ensure your bank supports BLIK and download its mobile application.
  2. Register in the system: log in to the app and register in the BLIK system following the instructions.
  3. Activate BLIK: follow the app’s instructions to activate the feature, which may include confirmation via SMS or other authentication methods.

Basic Requirements

To use BLIK, you need:

  • An account with one of the banks supporting the system.
  • The bank’s mobile application installed on your device.
  • An active internet connection for transactions.
  • A compatible mobile device with Android or iOS operating system.

Key Features of BLIK

In-store Payments

BLIK allows you to pay for purchases in stores without cash or bank cards. To do this, you need to:

  1. Open the bank’s mobile app.
  2. Select the BLIK function.
  3. Generate a unique code.
  4. Enter the code at the store terminal.
  5. Confirm the operation in the app.

Benefits of this method include:

  • Speed and convenience of payment.
  • Reducing the need to carry cash or cards.
  • A high level of security due to one-time codes.

Peer-to-peer Transfers

Sending money to other BLIK users is simple and instant:

  1. Open the bank app and select BLIK.
  2. Enter the recipient’s phone number or select it from contacts.
  3. Specify the transfer amount and confirm the operation.

This is an ideal way to:

  • Repay debts to friends or family.
  • Pay for shared expenses.
  • Transfer money to children or relatives.

Online Payments

For online purchases with BLIK:

  1. Select the BLIK payment method on the website.
  2. Generate a code in the bank app.
  3. Enter the code on the website and confirm the operation.

Advantages include:

  • Security and data protection.
  • Fast transaction completion.
  • Ability to track all purchases through the mobile app.

Cash Withdrawals

BLIK allows cash withdrawals from ATMs without using a bank card:

  1. Choose the cash withdrawal option via BLIK at the ATM.
  2. Generate a code in the mobile app.
  3. Enter the code at the ATM and receive cash.

This is convenient in situations where you don’t have a card or it was lost.

Security and Reliability

Security Measures in BLIK

BLIK ensures a high level of security through the following measures:

  • One-time codes: each code is valid only for one transaction and has a limited duration, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Transaction confirmation: every transaction must be confirmed in the bank app, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Data protection: using encryption to protect user data, ensuring confidentiality of information.

Why It’s Safe for Users

The BLIK system is designed with all modern security requirements in mind, making it reliable and protected from fraudulent actions. Users can be confident that their funds and personal data are well protected. Additionally, BLIK partner banks continuously update security systems to meet the latest standards and technologies.

Comparison Table: BLIK vs Other Payment Methods

FeatureBLIKBank CardCash
Transaction SpeedInstantSeveral secondsInstant
AvailabilityWide (supported by many banks)WideLimited (physical form only)
Online Payment OptionYesYesNo
Equipment RequirementsMobile deviceCard and terminalNone


BLIK is a convenient and secure tool for managing finances, making everyday financial transactions simpler and faster. With numerous features and a high degree of protection, BLIK is becoming increasingly popular among users. We recommend trying this system to anyone who values convenience and security in financial matters.

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