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Yates Community Center announces new board leaders

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The Yates Community Center (YCC) has appointed Dr. Suzamie Farnsworth as the new President of the Board and Jill Bird as the new Vice President. This leadership change marks a new chapter for YCC as it continues to serve as a central hub for health and recreation in the community.

Dr. Leigh Berry, who led YCC since 2019, is stepping down after two successful terms. Under her leadership, YCC saw significant growth, including the creation of ELEVATE Youth, an initiative for children and youth. She also secured $2.2 million for YCC’s new facility and added an accessible playground, courts, and an outdoor pavilion.

Dr. Berry said, “I’m honored to pass the baton to Suzamie, who has a beautiful vision for YCC’s future.” Dr. Farnsworth, the new President, has been with YCC since 2019 and looks forward to continuing the organization’s success. Jill Bird, the new Vice President, has streamlined YCC’s processes and enhanced its efficiency.