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Filmora 13.5 ups your sticker game with an AI Sticker Generator

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Filmora 13.5 kicks off a new era of creativity for video editors around the world. Building on its reputation for intuitive yet powerful editing tools, the latest version of Filmora introduces some brand-new cutting-edge AI-powered features designed to streamline the creative process and help users create better content in less time. Each feature has been developed to directly address user needs and improve the editing process.  Among the new features, The AI Sticker Generator stands out as it allows users to create custom stickers that can be exported outside of Filmora. With this new upgrade, Filmora increased its appeal and transcends being a mere video editor, transforming into a content machine users can take advantage of across all of their social platforms.  Other features like the AI Object Remover provide easy removal of unwanted elements from the footage, and  AI Video Denoise helps clean up video clips by reducing unwanted noise and improving video quality.

Available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, Filmora 13.5 ensures that whether you’re a professional editor or a hobbyist, accessing cutting-edge video editing tools is never further than your phone.

What’s New in Filmora 13.5?

Filmora 13.5 builds on the same mission and impressive features we’ve come to expect since Filmora 13 launched late last year: more AI integration, more quality-of-life changes, and unique standout features with every update. A Filmora update these days is like waking up on Christmas morning.

13.5 leads the way with its standout AI Sticker Generator. This tool turns Filmora from a video editor into a fully-fledged content factory. Filmora 13.5 is more like a fully integrated AIGC program. Think of it as chatGPT, Midjourney, and Sora, all in one convenient formfactor that is finetuned to produce amazing video content.

The best part of the new AI Sticker Generator tool is that it allows for exporting assets outside of Filmora. A much-requested feature that allows unparalleled content creation for users. You don’t even need to export the stickers you generate as a video file. Just export them directly from the tool itself and save them anywhere you want for easy access to any program or application you need. 

Filmora 13.5’s new AI-driven tools ease the video editing workflow and allow for better outside integration into users’ creative processes. This update maintains Filmora’s commitment to user-friendly software design, while these features demonstrate Wondershare’s dedication to bringing its users top-quality cutting-edge innovation.

What does Filmora’s AI Sticker Generator do?

Filmora’s AI Sticker Generator leverages the latest AI text-to-image algorithms to generate stickers for use as standalone graphic assets or as animated stickers in video projects. Although it comes pre-tuned with a few present styles, allowing for instant creation, users can also prompt the AI feature to create content in any style or based on any input their imagination can conjure up!  From minimalist vectors to intricate 3D renderings, users can perfectly match their creative vision.  Users simply enter a written prompt, like the kind you use for chatGPT, select one of the preset styles, and wait for the AI to do its magic. Filmora’s AI Sticker Generator automatically creates iterations for your desired output, allowing users to pick the version that best aligns with their creative direction. The addition of multiple options marks a huge step forward in content customization for Filmora and makes the AI Sticker Generator a key addition to Filmora 13.5.

Filmora 13.5 makes professional video editing accessible and fun for all users, and the AI Sticker Generator further simplifies the editing process in an enjoyable way. Users can quickly create anything they can imagine and use it in their video projects in seconds. With Filmora, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create professional quality content. Their advanced AI tools make every step of the creative process easy and, most importantly, fun. You will have a blast exploring Version 13.5’s new features and creating videos without the steep learning curve commonly associated with editing videos.

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