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Banks modernize by making branches feel less stressful

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Major banks like JPMorgan Chase and Capital One are transforming their branches to be more welcoming and community-focused. These new branches are larger, more comfortable, and designed to help customers with financial questions. Some even offer spaces for local nonprofits to hold workshops and events.

JPMorgan Chase calls its new branches “community centers,” with multipurpose areas for financial education seminars. These centers aim to provide better services, especially in low-income neighborhoods. “We’re creating spaces so everyone can feel welcome,” said Diedra Porché, head of community and business development at JPMorgan Chase. The latest center opened in The Bronx in April.

Capital One has also embraced this trend, opening a café in Union Square where customers and non-customers can work and network while enjoying coffee and snacks. Despite the rise of digital banking, research shows people still prefer visiting branches for major financial decisions like buying a home or planning for retirement.

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