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NY HEAT Act faces uncertainty as legislative session ends

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As the New York legislative session draws to a close, the NY HEAT Act, aimed at reducing new natural gas hookups and ensuring ratepayers aren’t burdened with costs, remains in question.

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The bill could reach Gov. Kathy Hochul’s desk through the omnibus “Big Ugly” bill, though recent legislative disruptions have cast doubt on this possibility. Assembly sponsor Pat Fahy remains hopeful, noting that the bill’s final form may differ significantly from its current version.

The bill seeks to end the requirement for utilities to supply gas to customers within 100 feet of an existing line, cap utility bills at 6% of income for low- and moderate-income households, and save affected families up to $75 per month. While it has passed in the state Senate, it faces challenges in the Assembly, with opponents arguing it could lead to unnecessary costs and limit consumer choices.

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