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Livingston County launches new online HR platform

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Livingston County has upgraded its Human Resources Department with a new online software platform, streamlining hiring, training, and other HR processes.

The centralized system allows for more efficient recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of new employees. “The conversion to an electronic platform has been transformative for both the County and applicants,” said County HR Director Kate Hill. The new system customizes applications to specific job opportunities, making the process more relevant and inviting.

The platform helps the HR team quickly identify qualified candidates, schedule interviews, and communicate with applicants. It also supports County departments’ recruitment efforts by sharing job opportunities and assisting current employees in career advancement. “This will improve the experience for applicants, department leaders, and hiring managers,” Hill added.

Additionally, the system simplifies the application process by allowing users to save demographic information for future applications and offers an electronic onboarding platform for new hires. The platform also provides access to hundreds of professional development courses and mandatory training for County employees.