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Betting experts’ predictions: top rumors of the 2024 Formula 1 season

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The betting on Formula 1 is not just about pole positions and wins. The paddock hides many behind-the-scenes games. Scandals, conflicts, and transfers affect teams’ and drivers’ results even more than the car’s reliability and engine speed.

Today, the online pokies offer to guess which rumors will turn out to be true or myths. By the way, experienced online casino customers guess a race result more often than an average Formula 1 fan. Any gambler has a professional feeling, which helps to understand how the transfer market will work and what place a team can take.

How long will the Aston Martin crisis continue?

The decline of Aston Martin began as early as last year. Lawrence Stroll’s team was unable to give a battle to competitors. Regular podiums were replaced by places in the middle of the top ten. However, in 2024, the team failed to turn the situation around.

The first half of the 2024 season passed without podiums. The talent and speed of Fernando Alonso did not help the team take a new step forward. Moreover, now Aston Martin is losing the technical upgrade competition again. McLaren has gone far ahead, and the VC RB team has come very close.

Analysts believe that Alonso and Stroll will not be able to show good results. Although Aston Martin has a wide financial backing, budget constraints play against wealthy owners and sponsors. Team managers have failed to develop a working strategy. Aston Martin continues its decline: Alonso and Stroll failed to get into the points at the Monaco Grand Prix.

How many races will McLaren drivers win?

The progress made by McLaren is surprising. Other teams fear this pace of modernization. Both experts and fans notice that the speed of British cars is already comparable to Red Bull. 

There is no doubt that the work on car modernization is far from complete. But even now, McLaren is confidently ahead of Ferrari and hangs on the tail of Red Bull cars. Several races could have ended with the victories of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri if drivers had a few more reserve laps.

McLaren needs to make the last step in upgrades. Analysts are confident that the British team will do it in the shortest possible time. Therefore, the 2024 season can give a couple more victories to team fans.

Will Sergio Perez keep his place at Red Bull?

Sergio Perez’s career becomes one of the most discussed topics every season. The Mexican does not maintain consistency in results. Sergio started the 2024 season strongly but lost motivation and made a lot of mistakes again.

The crash in Monaco created new problems. Yes, Perez is not to blame for the incident. However, this crash would not have happened if Sergio had shown a decent result in qualifying. Helmut Marko has less and less patience every day. And Carlos Sainz is ready to replace the Mexican already in the next season.

Analysts do not give a unanimous opinion. On the one hand, if Perez returns to the previous level of results, Red Bull can save him for another year. On the other hand, Christian Horner realizes that rivals came close. Max Verstappen needs a teammate who will not lose precious points in the fight for the Constructors’ Cup.

When will Daniel Ricciardo leave Formula 1?

Even the sceptics have been waiting for the return of Daniel Riccardo. The Australian’s series of successful performances was interrupted too soon. The miracle did not happen. Riccardo was unable to regain his racing sense. The loss to his partner put an end to Daniel’s career.

There is no doubt that Riccardo will leave Formula 1 next year. Moreover, betting analysts do not exclude the possibility that Helmut Marko will change Daniel Riccardo to Liam Lawson in the course of the current season.

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