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Hi, I’m Peter, a 3rd year public-relations student. I already combine work with my studies. This is quite tiring, since you need to constantly manage to complete all tasks on time. But sometimes I can’t keep up with the schedule.

Recently I got so busy that I forgot to write an essay on sociology. The next day I had to hand in the paper, so I started looking for all possible ways to still prepare the text.

I came across the PaperTyper website completely by accident while trying to find an essay writing tool. And imagine my surprise when it turned out that the website offers an essay generator based on artificial intelligence. I decided to try it out and decide whether this website and its AI writer could write me an essay of high quality. The generated text exceeded all my expectations. I will talk about this in more detail below. You will learn how the AI Essay Generator tool works and why you should try it yourself.

How does AI Essay Generator tool work?

So, first, let’s figure out how the tool works. AI Essay Writer helps you write a text on any topic you need. I needed to prepare a relatively simple text on the topic “The influence of social networks on modern society” as part of one of the academic disciplines.

To generate text, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the service website and go through a simple registration. You can register through social networks or by creating your username and password.
  2. Go to your personal account and find the “My Projects” item. Here, you can also start a new project or edit an existing document. The free version has a limit of 500 words, so you can try out the content generation features initially to see if this service is right for you. I was satisfied with the first draft, so I continued working on my paper. Subscriptions cost $5 and $10. For $5, you will get 10k words, and for $10, you will get 40k words.
  3. Next, you need to open the project from the list. You will be redirected to a page with a text editor that resembles a classic Word document. The main difference is the presence of a line where you need to write down your full request for AI Essay Writer.
  4. At the next stage, you need to write down your essay topic. I tried to describe my request in as much detail as possible so that the AI tool could generate all the necessary material.
  5. You also need to choose the number of words that you need to generate. The maximum number of words you can get per one generation is 2500 words.
  6. After this, the tool starts working. I just had to wait for the results.
  7. Now, the real work begins. I generated as much as needed and decided to check the text I got. Using the built-in tool, I checked the grammar and made edits. In this way, I worked until I received the finished first draft that I used for my own paper.

Overall, I was pleased with the results. I was able to quickly generate a ready-made article on the specified topic. Of course, I had to tinker a little, but I prepared the essay much faster than I would have done it by hand. There are some nuances that I would like to note before starting to work with AI Essay Generator.

My assessment of the service

After testing the AI Essay Generator, I was pleased with the generated essay. I received an excellent grade in my subject, which I am happy about. At the same time, I saved a lot of time searching for information. Now, I can create papers in other disciplines without spending a lot of time on research and drafting with my busy schedule.

I greatly enjoyed the simple and intuitive interface. I quickly found all the tools I needed and figured out the features of generating texts.

Within a few minutes, I was able to evaluate how well and accurately the artificial intelligence generates articles. The essay covered all the subtopics I planned to discuss. At the same time, I spent three times less time than I would have had to write on my own. Now, I can devote more time to crucial tasks and my work and prepare texts for the university using the generator.

The essay was well-structured and clearly written. Of course, I had to make some edits manually, but it’s understandable. It was necessary to independently add some arguments, examples, and a list of references. I used the AI generator mainly to build a foundation for my paper.

I liked the writing style of the text. There was no water or unnecessary details in it. Everything is described clearly and to the point.

The small drawback of the AI tool, as for me, is that you need to describe your request in great detail. Only in this way will the AI-powered writer understand you correctly and prepare the expected content. However, I noticed that all AI tools work like this. Even those tools that work with designs, mathematics, or code. I understand the reason behind it. A generalized request produces generalized content.

Did the AI essay writing tool help me?

Overall, I can say that AI Essay Generators are a convenient and useful tool. I will definitely use it to write essays again. Writing texts isn’t my profile. Using this service, I was able to generate my essay quickly and of high quality. Of course, I had to do some extra work, but it’s much better than writing everything from scratch without any ideas.

AI Essay Generator is a user-friendly tool that I can definitely recommend to other students. If you don’t have time or ideas when writing an essay, then you should definitely use this AI-powered writer. It is quite simple, intuitive, works quickly and generates texts on any topic. A large set of tools on the PaperTyper website allows you to refine your article and make it even more detailed. I will definitely use this service again for my research.

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