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Spin the Wheel: Everything You Need to Know About Roulette

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The red and black wheel is a staple of casino imagery. For centuries, people have been spinning the roulette wheel, and placing wagers on the outcome. Today, that remains true, whether you are doing so in face-to-face gambling houses, or at online casinos.

Despite being such an old game, roulette still attracts new fans. Many of them come into it completely blind, unaware of the ins and outs, and the specifics. That is why, in this article, we would like to talk about all the different ways you can enjoy roulette online.

Live Roulette

The most popular version of online roulette at gambling websites today is the live version. For those who may be confused, playing roulette live is a simple matter; a living dealer broadcasts themselves behind (or in front of) the red and black wheel, and takes bets from the live chat. Once the wagers have been place, the dealer will spin the wheel, and throw the ball, and the gamblers are hoping for the best.

The live gambling option at online casinos is relatively new. Due to its recency, a lot of people have expressed some skepticism about the whole ordeal. The truth is that online casinos, and specifically live casinos, are quite safe. In fact, if a casino is licensed, it means that a noteworthy authority has gone over their games and marked them as safe, reliable, and legitimate. In other words, live casinos are just as safe as online casinos or land-based casinos.

The Different Options

The other noteworthy thing to be aware of when it comes to roulette is that there are two different options that you can choose from. A lot of people become confused when they first visit an online casino, and look at the see that some roulette games are marked as American and others as European. The simple truth is that European and American roulette are simply different versions of the same game.

  • European

European roulette is the oldest version of roulette that we still play. Sometimes called French roulette, the game involves a red-and-black-colored wheel being spun. Each of the fields is marked by a number from 1 – 18, for a total of 36 (18 red, and 18 black). There is a 37th slot that is usually colored green, marked by a 0. The game involves the dealer throwing a ball on the spinning wheel, and the gamblers wagering on which slot it will land on.

  • American

American roulette is a newer version of the game, that emerged in the United States in the early 20th century. The basic rules of roulette still apply. However, there is one difference that, may not seem like a glaring issue at first, makes for some major consequences. American roulette has an extra green slot, marked by 00 (for a total of 38). That extra slot contributes significantly to the house odds being increased, which means American roulette is much less favorable than its European predecessor.

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