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Assembly Republicans demand hearing, transparency amid migrant crisis

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Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) and his Minority Conference colleagues called for a hearing to investigate potential misuse of taxpayer dollars by New York City officials and contracted organizations handling the migrant crisis. The call follows reports of issues with the health care company DocGo, which partnered with the city.

The Assembly Republicans renewed their push for legislation (A.7508) introduced by Ra, requiring detailed reporting and auditing of funds allocated for migrant humanitarian aid. This bill responds to the state’s allocation of $1.9 billion to New York City without adequate transparency measures. The latest state budget allocated $2.4 billion to address the crisis, prompting concerns about fiscal responsibility.

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R-Norwich) and Assemblyman Matt Slater (R-Yorktown) joined Ra in emphasizing the need for oversight. They stressed the importance of ensuring taxpayer money is properly used, urging an audit and investigation before further funds are spent on migrant aid.

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