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Onondaga Lake to host wildlife walk next week

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The Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps will introduce its inaugural Third Thursday Walk In Nature on May 16th at 4 p.m. The event, sponsored by Honeywell and Parsons, will feature a 1-mile guided tour along the West Shore Trail of Onondaga Lake, focusing on the area’s ecological revival and the importance of wetlands.

Participants, who will be guided by experts from Audubon New York, Montezuma Audubon Center, and Onondaga Audubon, will have the opportunity to observe birds, mammals, and other wildlife thriving in the restored habitats. Binoculars and field guides will be provided to enhance the learning experience during the walk, which takes place on a paved trail accessible for all attendees.

Chris Lajewski, director of the program, highlighted the event as a demonstration of ongoing conservation successes and the collaborative efforts to maintain bird habitats and engage the community in environmental stewardship. The program aims to inspire ongoing public support for the protection of Onondaga Lake and its surrounding ecosystem.