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Geneva City Council isn’t ready to take next step with committees

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City Councilor Chris Lavin’s proposal for a committee system aimed at streamlining Geneva City Council meetings was dismissed by fellow councilors last week.

The Ward 1 Democrat argued that establishing committees could reduce lengthy discussions and expedite decision-making, but faced resistance from Mayor Steve Valentino and others who questioned the plan’s effectiveness.

During the May 1st meeting, Lavin highlighted that such systems are common in larger governments, which could provide deeper understanding without micromanaging city staff.

He cited a recent cumbersome decision process regarding kayak-rental business proposals as an example where committee vetting could have facilitated quicker resolutions. However, the proposal did not go to a formal vote and received little support from other council members.

Opponents like Ward 2 Councilor Bill Pealer Jr. expressed concerns that more meetings could deter public participation and impose additional demands on the already busy councilors. Despite the setbacks, Lavin plans to reintroduce his proposal for a formal vote at June’s meeting.