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State will spend $59M to support ‘Accessory Dwelling Units’ to fight housing crisis

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Governor Kathy Hochul announced that New York has allocated $59 million to support the construction and improvement of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) across the state. This funding, part of the State’s $85 million ADU Plus One program, aims to increase affordable housing options by aiding low- and middle-income homeowners.

The ADU Plus One program, managed by New York State Homes and Community Renewal, offers grants up to $2 million to municipalities and nonprofit organizations. These funds assist homeowners in building high-quality, safe ADUs, such as converting garages or legalizing basement apartments. Homeowners can receive up to $125,000 per unit, enhancing affordable housing while benefiting property owners.

This initiative is part of Governor Hochul’s broader housing strategy, which includes a transformative housing package in the FY 2025 Enacted Budget. This comprehensive plan is designed to significantly increase housing supply across New York, emphasizing affordability and accessibility. The program aligns with the governor’s five-year, $25 billion plan to create or preserve 100,000 affordable homes, underscoring a commitment to a more affordable future for New Yorkers.