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Seneca Lake Guardian named ‘Freshwater Hero’ for environmental efforts

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The Seneca Lake Guardian (SLG) was honored with the “Freshwater Hero” award by Freshwater Future, recognizing their commitment to protecting the Finger Lakes and New York’s waterways. The ceremony highlighted SLG’s initiatives against pollution and unsustainable practices that threaten local ecosystems.

Freshwater Future annually acknowledges grassroots organizations that significantly contribute to the preservation of freshwater resources. SLG’s efforts include combating a proposed garbage incinerator, influencing legislative actions like the Finger Lakes Community Preservation Act of 2019, and advocating for environmental safeguards against the harmful impacts of a local bitcoin operation.

SLG co-founders Yvonne Taylor and Joseph Campbell emphasized their ongoing fight against the Seneca Meadows landfill, which they contend poses a serious threat to the region’s water quality and public health. Their work has mobilized community and legislative support for more stringent environmental protections, demonstrating their pivotal role in safeguarding New York’s natural resources for future generations.