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Sentencing delayed for repeat sex offender due to ‘transportation error’

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The sentencing of Paul Goodrell, a registered sex offender in Ontario County, was unexpectedly delayed Wednesday due to a transportation error. Goodrell, who pleaded guilty in February to charges including burglary as a sexually motivated felony, public lewdness, and endangering the welfare of a child for exposing himself to children at multiple stores, was set to receive a seven-year prison sentence. The delay, resulting from a failure to transport Goodrell from Elmira Correctional Facility for his sentencing, has sparked frustration among officials and further distress for the victims involved.

District Attorney James Ritts expressed disappointment over the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s (DOCCS) oversight, which prevented Goodrell’s case from proceeding as scheduled. The error has not only postponed justice but has also impacted the recovery process for those affected by Goodrell’s actions. The rescheduling of the sentencing to April 24 leaves the community and the victims in a state of prolonged uncertainty.

The DA’s office is investigating the lapse in communication that led to Goodrell’s absence at the court, emphasizing the need for accountability and seeking assurances to prevent similar incidents in the future. Ritts also highlighted the necessity of addressing Goodrell’s mental health issues upon his eventual release, suggesting involuntary hospitalization due to the compulsive nature of his offenses.