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$6.6 Billion Boost: Biden Aims to Power Up US Tech with Made-in-America Microchips

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The Biden administration declared its commitment on Monday to infuse up to $6.6 billion into the expansion of a Taiwanese semiconductor titan’s operations in Arizona, marking a significant stride towards manufacturing top-tier microchips on American soil for the first time.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo announced the support for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) would enable the enhancement of two existing projects in Phoenix and initiate a third production facility, setting a new benchmark in the semiconductor industry.

The Future of AI and National Security

Raimondo emphasized the crucial role of these advanced microchips in artificial intelligence, the economy, and the national defense infrastructure. This move aligns with the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, a $280 billion initiative by President Joe Biden to reinvigorate U.S. semiconductor production, ensuring military technological superiority and mitigating supply chain disruptions like those witnessed in 2021.

TSMC’s Commitment and the American Dream

With nearly all leading-edge microchips currently produced by TSMC, their commitment to expand in the U.S. is a significant win for American technology and jobs. Their ongoing projects in Phoenix, with a total investment projected to reach $65 billion, aim to make the U.S. responsible for about 20% of the world’s premier chips by 2030.

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Jobs and Training on the Horizon

This expansion is expected to generate 6,000 manufacturing positions, 20,000 construction jobs, and thousands more in related sectors. The plan also includes a $50 million initiative to train Arizona’s workforce to meet the demands of these high-tech facilities.

A Strategic Move Amidst Global Tensions

This announcement comes as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visits China, spotlighting the complex geopolitics involving Taiwan. However, the administration’s focus remains on bolstering U.S. manufacturing capabilities.

TSMC’s Vision for Arizona

TSMC expressed enthusiasm about the progress of their Arizona site and its pivotal role in the future success of America’s semiconductor industry, promising a new era of technological leadership and innovation.

The Biden administration’s investment in TSMC represents a significant step towards securing America’s technological future, enhancing national security, and creating a robust economy powered by homegrown innovations.

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