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Solar Eclipse 2024: Photos and video from around the Finger Lakes

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The total solar eclipse has come to a conclusion across the Finger Lakes. While the weather wasn’t perfect, a few folks in the western portion of the region saw breaks of sun. While most others saw cloudy skies – the experience was still once-in-a-lifetime. In a matter of seconds, the ambient light faded out completely, ushering in total darkness for approximately 3 minutes. Then, slowly the light restored.

Check out photos and videos shared to social from the total solar eclipse in the Finger Lakes.

Photo of totality by Jay Bergeron in Penn Yan
The moment of totality at Fair Haven State Park by Michelle King.
Brigitte Packard captured this photo in Auburn.
Chris Achtschin captured this moment in downtown Canandaigua during peak darkness.
This photo was captured looking at Canandaigua Lake by Danielle LaRocca.
Photo by John overlooking Canandaigua Lake at moment of totality.
Photo by Tracie Marie from Potter, Yates County.
Photo by Ed Traphegan from Geneva.
Lisa Candon Lester

Original Post: Latest forecast + everything to know in the Finger Lakes

The big day is here. The 2024 solar eclipse will occur in mere hours and while the forecast will not be perfect — conditions for experiencing the event will be pristine to recent standards. State officials and local law enforcement officials are asking that drivers not stop along roadsides to watch and ensure that emergency vehicles can move without issue around roadways.

Road closures have been announced around the Finger Lakes, with many municipalities reporting closures on apps like Waze and Google Maps. Traffic is expected to surge immediately after the eclipse ends, so plan for extra travel time during the late-afternoon hours.

Eclipse forecast: 60-85% cloudiness across most of the Finger Lakes

The latest forecasting for the eclipse today was not that friendly. That said, it shouldn’t be a complete bust. Things will be slightly better to the east, but areas in the Western Finger Lakes will see the most cloud cover.

“While high level clouds will be increasing this afternoon, some of them will be thin, so the eclipse may still be viewable, especially for eastern areas,” the National Weather Service wrote in an update Monday morning.

What’s the best way to photograph the solar eclipse with your smartphone?

Despite the forecasting challenges the region could face photographing the celestial phenomena with smartphone cameras is doable. Experts offer advice for clear shots during Monday’s eclipse. Key suggestions include using a sun filter or eclipse glasses over the camera lens and removing them at totality for best results.

To ensure the best focus and exposure, users should utilize their phone’s focus lock feature and adjust exposure by dragging near the sun icon on their screen. This helps in capturing the intricate details of the eclipse and the surrounding darkness at totality.

Photographers are advised to minimize movement using a tripod or the phone’s timer mode, and avoid excessive zooming to prevent pixelation.