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Massive earthquake rocks Taiwan (video)

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Taiwan experienced its strongest earthquake in nearly 25 years early Wednesday morning, causing widespread disruption across the island and triggering a small tsunami that affected southern Japanese islands. Buildings were damaged, and public transportation was halted, but there were no immediate reports of deaths or serious injuries. The earthquake’s impact was felt from the epicenter in Hualien to the capital, Taipei, and even across the sea in Japan.

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In Hualien, a five-story building suffered severe damage, with its first floor collapsing and the remaining structure tilting precariously. Elsewhere, the quake disrupted daily life as schools evacuated students and subway services were suspended. The earthquake also caused landslides and debris falls, impacting east coast traffic and potentially damaging vehicles.

Despite the early morning scare, Taiwan, accustomed to frequent seismic activity, quickly began to recover. The earthquake prompted evacuations in the Philippines and a brief tsunami warning in Japan, where a small wave was recorded but caused no damage. Taiwan’s preparedness for such natural events was evident, though the quake’s intensity left a memorable mark on residents.

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