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Historic Steuben County Courthouse could become apartments

The iconic Steuben County Courthouse, a landmark on First Street in Corning, is poised for a significant transformation. Once home to the Steuben County DMV, the historic building is now under new ownership with plans to convert it into residential apartments. This move marks a new chapter for the structure, blending its rich history with modern living.

The Corning City Council is considering a proposal to apply for a New York State grant dedicated to the restoration of historic buildings. The initiative aims to repurpose the courthouse into seven apartment units, offering a unique living experience in a building steeped in local heritage.

In preparation for this transition, the city has scheduled a public hearing on May 6 to discuss the grant application. This event will allow residents to learn more about the project and its contributions to the revitalization of Corning’s architectural legacy. The courthouse’s rebirth as a residential space highlights a growing trend of reimagining historic properties for contemporary uses, preserving their character for future generations.