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Geneva’s police review board battle nears end

The fight for Geneva’s Police Review Board (PRB) encountered another setback when the state Supreme Court Appellate Division in Rochester rejected the former PRB members’ motion on March 15.

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This leaves them with only the New York Court of Appeals as a possible avenue for contesting State Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran’s 2022 decision that dissolved the PRB. The appellate court also declined their request to take their appeal to New York’s highest court, leaving the future of their legal battle uncertain, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

This latest ruling is part of an ongoing legal struggle surrounding the PRB, which was challenged by the city’s police officers’ union and deemed illegal under Local Law 1-2021 by Justice Doran. The Geneva City Council’s decision not to appeal Doran’s ruling in a tight 5-4 vote led the former PRB members to take up the cause.