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Yates County will assess future of aging public safety building

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Yates County officials are setting their sights on the future of the Public Safety Building on Main Street, following progress on a $26 million highway department and emergency services complex. Earlier this month, Yates County Legislature Chair Leslie Church established a committee to evaluate the nearly 50-year-old facility, which accommodates the sheriff’s office and county jail, signaling the start of discussions on potential renovations or new construction due to the building’s age and wear.

The committee, chaired by Legislator Doug Paddock and including members from the sheriff’s office, county administration, and legislature, will examine previous studies and seek expert advice on the building’s needs. This decision comes amid concerns over the building’s continuous use and its outdated design, with considerations for modernizing or possibly collaborating with neighboring counties on a solution.

With no clear direction yet on whether renovations or new construction will be pursued, the committee’s work marks an important step in addressing the long-standing issues of the Public Safety Building. Sheriff Frank Ryan emphasized the importance of future-proofing any project to ensure its longevity, highlighting the county’s commitment to improving its facilities while considering financial implications and potential partnerships.