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Seneca County emergency management officials prepare for total solar eclipse

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Seneca County Emergency Management has released safety guidelines in anticipation of the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 expecting to attract over 10,000 visitors to the county. Collaborating with local highway, law enforcement, fire, and EMS services, the county is set to ensure the well-being of both residents and visitors during the eclipse, which will see its totality phase between 3:20:43 pm and 3:22:22 pm. The county, located in the direct path of totality, is part of a wider area expecting up to half a million visitors for the celestial event.

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Officials have been planning for a year to manage the influx of eclipse watchers, emphasizing the importance of patience from the public due to anticipated traffic congestion. They advise traveling with essential supplies, including a full tank of gas, water, and medications. The county requests visitors to use designated parking spots and encourages residents to avoid non-essential travel and appointments on the day of the eclipse. Proper eye protection is strongly recommended, as standard sunglasses are insufficient for safely viewing the eclipse.

Seneca County is committed to keeping the community informed through social media, the Sheriff’s website, and local media. Residents are also urged to sign up for the Hyper-Reach notification system for public safety alerts. The comprehensive preparations underscore the county’s dedication to ensuring a safe and memorable eclipse viewing experience.

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