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Livingston County launches spring travel guide

Livingston County Tourism announced the release of its 2024 Spring Travel Guide on March 27, promising an exciting season of exploration and discovery across the region. The 48-page guide details various spring activities, from festivals and shopping to outdoor adventures and cultural events. According to Tourism Director Kelly Burns, the guide aims to offer both locals and visitors a detailed look into the county’s diverse attractions, emphasizing outdoor excursions and the vibrant life of its towns and villages.

The guide features sections on outdoor exploration, showcasing hiking trails and natural wonders, and highlights the charm of Livingston County’s downtown areas, with their historic sites, local shops, and art galleries. It also lists premier spring events, including the Tree Peony Festival, the New York State Yoga Festival, and the Camp Lima German Festival, alongside the anticipated Great North American Eclipse, positioning the county as a prime viewing location for this rare astronomical event on April 8.

Livingston County’s Spring Travel Guide is accessible both online and in print at local retailers, aiming to enrich visitors’ experiences with its comprehensive coverage of the county’s spring offerings. With a history dating back to 1821, Livingston County encompasses a rich cultural and natural heritage within the Finger Lakes region, inviting exploration and enjoyment of its scenic beauty and community events.