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Easter 2024: American spending for first major holiday down, survey finds

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Easter Spending Takes a Hop Back

With Easter Sunday hopping closer, a fresh survey from the personal-finance guru WalletHub has hatched some intriguing findings. It turns out that almost 70% of Americans are planning to tighten their Easter spending belts this year compared to the previous year. Amidst chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, financial caution is the season’s new trend.

Top Cities to Celebrate Easter Unveiled

For those wondering where to find the most egg-citing Easter celebrations, WalletHub’s annual survey also spotlighted 2024’s top cities for Easter festivities. From Pittsburgh, PA, taking the top spot for its vibrant Christian community and abundance of sweet treat shops, to Bakersfield, CA, rounding out the top 20, the list promises a basketful of options for everyone. These cities were evaluated based on key factors like the number of candy shops per capita and the size of their Christian population.

Sweet and Sour Easter Stats

The survey laid out some sweet stats with Americans expected to shell out $22 billion on Easter this year, with $3.1 billion of that just on candy. Yet, it also unveiled some more sobering figures, like the 60% of parents planning to continue the tradition of Easter baskets for their children long after they’ve flown the coop.

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Budgeting for Bunnies

Despite the splurge on sweets, many Americans are wary of the financial strain, with 61% expecting inflation to play the grinch this Easter. And it’s not all about the candy; nearly 30% believe the Easter expenses are worth hopping into debt for, though 42% have no budget set aside for Easter celebrations.

Expert Advice on Celebrating Smart

Experts suggest community events and DIY projects as savvy ways to celebrate without breaking the bank. From attending free local Easter egg hunts to crafting homemade Easter decorations, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday frugally.

Easter: A Time for Reflection and Savings

As the survey concludes, Easter in America offers a dual opportunity to celebrate spring’s renewal and reflect on personal finances. With tips on budget-friendly celebrations and a keen eye on the economic impact of holiday spending, WalletHub’s survey serves as a timely reminder of the value of both saving and savoring the season.

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