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Canandaigua Town Board expected to reject rezoning request for German Brothers Marina

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The Canandaigua Town Board is poised to deny a rezoning request by German Brothers Marina, signaling a halt to months-long negotiations over the property’s future development. The decision, anticipated at Monday’s meeting, stems from unresolved zoning issues regarding the marina’s expansion plans on West Lake Road. Despite ongoing discussions since September and multiple adjournments of a public hearing, the board’s resolution will refuse the transition to incentive zoning, which would have allowed for significant modifications in exchange for community benefits.

The marina’s owner, Peter Bruu, proposed several enhancements including an increase in boat slips, a new restaurant, and vacation rental units, aiming to transform the lakeside facility. However, the town board found the offered amenities insufficient for public benefit and noted Bruu’s reluctance to fully embrace requested modifications. This led to the drafting of a motion that not only denies the current rezoning request but also highlights the procedural misstep of failing to refer the 2022 incentive zoning law to the Ontario County Planning Board.

Amidst these complexities, including environmental concerns and disagreements over proposed public access easements, the town has indicated a willingness to consider a revised proposal from Bruu. However, with no substantial agreement on the required changes or environmental assessments, the board’s upcoming vote reflects significant challenges in reconciling development aspirations with community and environmental safeguards.