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Auburn seeks $1M grant to close funding gap on Lake Ave bridge repairs

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Auburn officials are pursuing a $1 million grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission (NRBC) to support the rehabilitation of the Lake Ave bridge. In a recent meeting, the City Council approved a motion to apply for funding through the NRBC’s Catalyst Program, aiming to alleviate the financial burden of necessary infrastructure upgrades. The grant, if secured, would complement the city’s commitment, requiring a 20% match from its General Fund Bond Ordinance.

The Lake Ave bridge, constructed in 1954, is in dire need of repairs and upgrades to ensure its continued use. Engineers have estimated the project’s cost at $8.9 million, with an aim to extend the bridge’s lifespan by another 25 years. Auburn has already secured $4.9 million from Bridge NY funding but still faces a significant funding shortfall.

With a current funding gap of $4 million, the city is exploring additional grant opportunities to fully finance the project. Plans are in place to open bidding for the project in December, with construction anticipated to start in spring 2025 and conclude by the end of the year. This effort underscores Auburn’s proactive approach to maintaining its vital infrastructure while seeking federal and state assistance to minimize local financial impact.